Save Dynamic Text with 256 characters in a file

For Dynamic Texts there are no File Service Functions. However, to save Dynamic Texts in a file, the texts are converted into TEXT vectors and saved as vector of TEXTs. When reading, the TEXT vector is converted into a Dynamic Text.


PID Controller

A proportional integral derivative controller (PID controller) is a control loop feedback mechanism (controller) commonly used in industrial control systems.

Here you can find examples and explanations about the PID controller...

Program display with Page Flow Diagram

With the Page Flow Diagram (PFD), you can program software solutions with test.con. They contain control and indicating elements, which are arranged over various sites and masks.

In this example how you can see how to program your touch screen using a Page Flow Diagram.

Right use of Flow Chart blocks

The Flow Chart library provides the possibility to realize flow chart programming, e.g. it provides function blocks to manipulate the control flow of the program.

With this kind of programming, new programming concepts can be implemented. Multiple quasi-parallel flows can run in one task now. Furthermore, further flows can be controlled with special parameters, so a flow can be stopped or it can be restarted. Read more...

Setting instances

In this example you will learn how to set parameters and instances and how to change between the two modes.