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from 4 kByte RAM and 32 kByte program memory

New Function Block – Curve-Generator

07 Mar 2017

With the Curve Generator, customized curves can be created. These curves can consist of various functions (linear, sine, exponential and logarithm functions). In the video you can have a short look into working with the Curve Generator function block.

If the video does not work, you can click here to watch.

What is iCon-L?

The graphical programming system iCon-L is mainly used for the development of applications for test, measurement, and control tasks in embedded systems. Programming is realized by connecting graphic symbols. Understanding the processes in the application is intuitive. That is why technicians and engineers without any programming knowledge can program applications in iCon-L, tooWith iCon-L, very small microprocessors with few KB RAM and few Kbytes program memory, can be programmed.

At the moment, iCon-L is marketed to end customers as OEM product by 7 companies and under their own name. It is used as software engineering tool for programming their own system solution from another 12 companies. Over 1,000 licenses of the programming system are used all over the world. The number of devices programmed with iCon-L is way above 20,000 pieces.

Have a look at projects, that have already been finished by ProSign. On the left side of this page you can find programming systems, which are based on iCon-L.

Communication in interdisciplinary teams

Measurement systems are usually closely implemented in technological processes and a technical context. Now, to develop the software for embedded systems, it is necessary to really know the mechanical, physical, biological or chemical processes. For an engineer, however, it is almost impossible to build up the necessary knowhow in all areas. That is why embedded systems are developed in specialist teams, in which the communication between the team members is becoming more and more important. The programming system offers a domain-specific language, which is the basis for this interdisciplinary communication.

Design HMI pages

You can design your own HMI for graphical control devices (f.e. touchscreens) with the Mask Designer. By connecting display and control functions to the variables of the PAC application, an autarchic, convenient measurement system with your personal touch is built.

Create an HMI page with test.con

Online visualization

In online mode you can watch the current values of the connected signals in real time over special visualization blocks. The created application can be simulated cycle per cycle on a PC. An online test in the measurement system is also possible. The real, measured and gathered values are used for that.

Where is iCon-L being applied already?

iCon-L in measurement engineering

The company Gantner Instruments, a world widely leading company for engine test bed equipment with precise measurement engineering, uses our programming system iCon-L as OEM software in their own measurement systems.

iCon-L in power generation

Since 2012, ProSign is developing and supplying the customized control of the CraftEngine combined heat and power system (CHP system) to the company AVL Schrick. Furthermore, AVL says that they have found a partner in ProSign that can offer all important components for the automation system from one hand. It starts with the own graphical programming systems and goes up to the electronics development. Read more…

iCon-L in traffic systems

Two globally active suppliers of rail-bound traffic systems have decided to use iCon-L as programming solution, Siemens (messMa) and Vossloh Kiepe. The company messMa uses iCon-L for their data loggers and display solutions for driver’s cabins since 1997. The company Vossloh-Kiepe uses iCon-L for their control solutions for trams and trolleybusses since 2004.

Programming software developed by ProSign


test.con is the programming tool for test controllers of the company Gantner Instruments with the final designation ...T. Gantner Instruments controllers are modular measurement systems, which offer a maximum of flexibility. With test.con technicians and engineers can program using block diagrams, so applications can be modulated and adjusted to specific requirements easily.

Find out more about test.con on There are also example applications, which have already been created.


PACcubes are Programmable Automation Controllers developed by ProSign. Together with the cloud solution PACcloud and the graphical programming tool PACstudio, they represent an integral system solution for automation and monitoring.

You can find further information about our PACcubes series on


miCon-L is the programming system for the mini PLCs of the STG series of the company Barth Elektronik GmbH. The mini PLCs can be used in various areas and can be programmed with the compact programming tool miCon-L with only little learning about how to program with function blocks. 

Further information as well as application examples and projects you can find on the website