This function block is used to refer to a LED in a HMI, which is a simple graphical object able to be displayed in a selected color.

The input bShow is used to show or hide the HMI-object. Via bLight the status of the LED is set. The LED is switched on with a HIGH signal. The corresponding color is defined at the input lFGClr. If a LOW signal is written to bOn, the LED is switched off and it is displayed with the color that is connected to lBGClr.

HMI object

The HMI object displays a rectangular, triangular or round LED. It can be switched between two selected colors.


In the parameter dialog an LED HMI object is assigned to the function block.

Using the context menu of the function block, the mask designer can be invoked as the parameter dialog. The mask designer is used to create the assignment to the HMI object. Now the preferences of the HMI object can be set with the help of the mask designer.

The shape and the default values for the colors are defined in the parameter dialog of the object.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
bLight I BIT Control signal
bShow I BIT Hide/show LED
lFGClr I LONG Color of the switched on LED
lBGClr I LONG Color of the switched off LED

Note: If inputs are not connected, the object appears with the corresponding default parameters that have been entered in the mask designer. Otherwise the input signal from the function block overwrites the according setting from the parameter dialog.


The colored highlight in the function block indicates, whether a HMI object is assigned or not.