The two text input values Te1 and Te2 are being compared (including possible blank spaces).

In the status byte bit positions are being set depending on the results (see below). Bits 4 till 7 will not be changed.

Be aware that the comparison > and < does not depend on the text length, but on the first differing sign. Each sign is assigned a binary value of the ASCII coding (f. e. A=65, B=66,…).

Status byte

Bit 0 = 1           Te1  =  Te2

Bit 1 = 1           Te1 !=  Te2

Bit 2 = 1           Te1  >  Te2

Bit 3 = 1           Te1  <  Te2


Name I/O Type(s) Function
Te1 I TEXT Text 1
Te2 I TEXT Text 2
SB O BYTE Status byte